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Wisconsin BBA Major Spotlight: International Business by Kelly Cuene

The International Business major is designed to provide students with the sound understanding of international business principles and the languages and cultures of other regions that are essential for success in today’s global economy. The areas of studies students can choose from are: Asian, European, or Latin America. 

Required courses for major: 

Possible Career Paths: 

International Advertising 

  • Develop marketing plan for international market
International Bank Manager
  • Direct and coordinate financial activities of workers in a branch, office, or department of an establishment
International Consultant 
  • Provide guidance for corporations entering international markets
International Business Student Organizations AISEC International Business Student Association International Finance Club

Business Student Testimonials

“I chose to major in International Business for many reasons, but the greatest reason was that I saw my future involving international affairs in some way. The classes that I have taken so far were ones that were not just requirements – they were the ones that I was truly interested in. The elective selection is great, and I feel that they are giving me the knowledge I need for an international career in the future.

 The best experience of my college career is probably studying abroad, which is mandatory for all IB students. I am currently studying abroad in Paris through a business school exchange program and loving it. The university that Madison exchanges with is highly accredited here and is a huge advantage to have on my resume if ever I choose to work in France. The networks abroad and course choices here are much more than beneficial side effects; they are some of the best reasons why this is such a great opportunity to gain international experience.”

Rosie Kellogg International Business and Marketing, May 2012 

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View the International Business Academic and Career Essentials PowerPoint

 International Business majors: Share with us!

  • Why did you choose your major?
  • What interests you most about International Business?
  • What questions do you have about International Business?
This post is part of a series of myBiz posts highlighting the different business majors to help pre-business and business students learn about their academic and career options. Next week we will spotlight Management & Human Resources and Marketing. Stay tuned!