Friday, February 11, 2011 myBiz Blog
Changes in the BBA Program- How the Wisconsin BBA Survey Impacts Us by Belle Lin

A few weeks ago, I posted about the importance of feedback to enhancing our BBA experience at the Wisconsin School of Business. As business students, we understand the importance of taking something from start to finish- of continually tweaking and making changes along the way. Whether it be continuing to improve performance during a summer internship, continuing to study more effectively for a class, or continuing to enhance what goes on in Grainger Hall, we also realize that changes oftentimes come with tangible results.

As a result of the Wisconsin BBA Survey many of us took last year, Wisconsin School of Business faculty and administration took our feedback and transformed them into results that impact me and you every day.

On the first of this month, we collectively wore our “I Am Wisconsin School of Business” t-shirts in the first of the new T-Shirt Tradition Days, aimed at building a stronger sense of community in Grainger. Newly branded the “Wisconsin BBA Program,” this name change was dedicated to creating a stronger program brand with which we identify. Development of a new student honor code by our peers was a result of promoting academic integrity- something we identified as a concern last year.

With the goal of creating more opportunities for us to interact with alumni, semesterly alumni networking receptions were created. Just yesterday, I attended “Building Badger Connections through Networking,” a networking reception where I exchanged business cards with numerous UW alumni in a variety of business professions. Finally, in response to enhancing the BBA program’s core curriculum, the “BBA Program Curriculum Review” by faculty, staff, and students was developed to continually improve the content we learn in our classes every day.

Our thoughts make a difference. Tell faculty and administration yours! Check your email for details on how to complete the survey this February 21st. All of us who complete the survey automatically receive a 20% off coupon for the University Bookstore in addition to the opportunity to win a $25 Capital Café gift card. I call this extra incentive results, too!