Thursday, February 10, 2011 myBiz Blog
Finding Yourself by Carly Miller

Last night, I attended the Accenture Leadership Center’s DISC Assessment Workshop to learn about my personal leadership style and how it relates to others. I had already taken this assessment at LeaderShape two summers ago, but I attended this workshop with other members of BBA Gov to learn about their styles and how we work together. It was insightful to hear what the assessment said about all of us.

Personally, I learned that I have strong Dominance and Conscientiousness tendencies that combine with the other dimensions to form a Creative personality type. That may sound like gibberish to those that don’t know anything about the DISC Assessment, but essentially the test identifies a pattern that describes your strengths, weakness, fears, goals, etc. As a Creative Pattern, my desire for tangible results is counterbalanced by a strong drive for perfection. I have foresight when focusing on projects and bring about change. It also said that I may not be concerned about social pose and may be cool, aloof, or blunt. This test is not a magic answer that will tell you everything about yourself, but the overall tendencies are usually true for people. I definitely think it captured my personality and others agreed with my assessment; I discussed the results with my roommate when I got home, and she started laughing because it was so eerily true.

Now that I understand more about the different DISC types, I can use the information working with others, in interviews, and for self-improvement. When working on a group project, dealing with roommates, or in student orgs, I can remember think about the different ways people approach tasks. It was especially helpful to take the assessment with other members of BBA Gov. I think it will help us understand each other and play off everyone’s strengths. In interviews, it is really helpful to understand your personality to convey your strengths to the employer. I can really stress my drive and thoroughness. Finally, the DISC pointed out some ways I can increase my effectiveness that I can work on.

If you are interested in finding out more about yourself through personality tests, I recommend taking the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. You can take it online through BuckyNet. Otherwise, apply for LeaderShape through the Accenture Leadership Center where you will take the DISC Assessment and much more. If you are really intent on taking the DISC Assessment ASAP, I found the publisher’s website where you can pay to take it online:

Has anyone else taken the DISC Assessment? What did you think? How are you using the information? Do you know how others can take it? Comment below!