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Check Out This New Course in Digital Retailing by Kelly Cuene

Are you interested in the retail industry and e-commerce? Check out this new course for spring semester 2012, CS 501:  Future of Digital Retailing (Course Registration Number:  35539).

This is a new, 3-credit course offering real-world experience in the fastest growing segment of the economy.


Prerequisite: Juniors, Seniors or Graduate Student standing & Consent of Instructor

Who can register: Students from all disciplines with interest in retail, e-commerce, and business are encouraged to register; Enrollment limit 30 students.

Class timing: Monday’s 4:00-6:30pm; significant out-of-class time commitment.

Instructor: Gerald O’Brien, Dept. of Consumer Sciences;

About the course:

Emerging technology-driven trends such as mobile commerce, social media, QR codes, e-wallets, and omni-channel service are transforming the retail industry. Digital Retailing is rapidly evolving as the future, opening the door for unprecedented innovation in the industry.

In this new course, multi-disciplinary student teams will develop the “Next Big Idea” in Digital Retailing. Each student team will identify, assess, and prototype a novel and cutting-edge strategy/idea for digital retailing, and develop a business case and implementation plan for it. Students will engage in active learning of all the stages – from ideation to implementation planning – involved in transforming an innovative idea into reality. At the conclusion of the course, the teams will present their proposals to an internationally-recognized retailer for evaluation and potential implementation.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Create the “Next Big Idea” in Digital Retailing

This unique course, centered on exciting, real-world Digital Retailing trends and technological innovations, will be invaluable for any student seeking practical experience in retail, e-commerce, and business.  The course would provide students a remarkable preparation for internships and full-time positions.

For further information, email Gerald O’Brien, gobrien@wisc.eduRegistrations accepted until Thursday, Dec. 8th; please include an updated résumé when applying.