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MarketWatch  11.27.11 by drobinson

In this week’s MarketWatch: the “demise” of the daily deal? The “success” of the supercommittee? And how to find your “flow.” 

While nods of approval from Wall Street offer some validation to Groupon, LivingSocial and the hundreds of imitators their business models have spawned, on Main Street, small-business owners still have their doubts.

The universe has finally gone so topsy-turvy that gridlock has become a stealth agent of change. “The problem is not gridlock,” says a professor of economics. “If Congress would do nothing now, we would be O.K. What we need is some gridlock.”

It’s only natural to assign tasks to the most accomplished people on your team. [But] the real goal of leadership is to get things done while creating an environment that is engaging and encourages long-term growth.