Tuesday, November 15, 2011 myBiz Blog
Need a New Place to Study? by Leah Butler

With the first round of midterms wrapped up and the second round looming closely in the distance, it’s time to hit up the library once more. But you’re not the only one that needs to study! And there is nothing more frustrating than arriving at the library, only to find that it is completely packed with absolutely nowhere to sit. You wander aimlessly and maybe do a few laps around the library in hopes that someone will get up and leave. It’s worse than trying to find a parking space on Black Friday, especially if you are attempting to study at College Library. If this is the sort of thing that seems to happen to you more and more, it may be time to find a new place to study!

Here are some new study spots to try out if you’re looking to switch things up while studying for the next round of midterms:

1. Memorial Stacks: If you like studying when it is dead silent, make sure to check out the cages in Memorial. Warning: these may not be for you if you are claustrophobic. 2. 2nd floor of Memorial Union: The great hall on the second floor of the Union is beautiful and very quiet. If you’re lucky, someone might come and play the grand piano while you are studying. 3. 4th floor of Van Hise: It looks more like a computer lab, but whether or not you use a computer station or choose to sit at the raised tabletops, it’s a great place to stop and study in between classes when over in the area. 4. 2nd floor of Starbucks: Perfect for working on group projects or casual studying, the 2nd flood of Starbucks on State St. has a friendly and cozy atmosphere. 5. Social Science Reference Library: Located on the 8th floor, this small library is never packed and always silent. Used mostly by grad students, this library is a good way for undergrads to get away from distractions. 6. Mills Library (Music Library): Located in the basement of Memorial, few people know about this small library. It is silent, rarely crowded, and the work-stations offer plenty of room to spread out. 7. Undergraduate Lounge of Grainger: If you business students can’t leave Grainger, try studying in the Undergraduate Lounge (Room 1250).

Happy studying!