Thursday, November 10, 2011 myBiz Blog
MarketWatch 11.13.11 by drobinson

This week, MarketWatch focuses on effective communication: how pictures help you make your point, how “Moneyball Marketing” helps small companies compete against big ad campaigns, and how new technology helps software developers and end-users understand each other.

"Vivid thinking" calls on both the visual and the verbal to get to the heart of meaning and uncover insights that frame what we mean and want to say. Learn how "vivid thinking" works.

In the world of advertising, small companies are trumping big-league ad spenders by using new analytics called “Moneyball Marketing.”

With visualization and simulation technology, IT personnel can quickly provide an accurate, highly interactive rendering of how a software application is going to look, feel, and flow. Read how this technology saves time, money--and frustration.