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Bucky's Career Corner: Searching Beyond BuckyNet by jmarsh

This week we’re going to shift gears and focus on strategies for identifying and applying for internships and full-time positions beyond BuckyNet. BuckyNet is an amazing resource which connects you with thousands of internship and full-time opportunities with top organizations all over the world. Only in college will you have a robust system like this at your fingertips to help generate leads for you as you make the transition to the working world. So how do you successfully pursue future positions of interest later on in your career? What do you do if you are looking for an internship in Seattle or Miami and there aren’t many options available in those geographical locations in BuckyNet? Below are a few resources which can help connect you with career opportunities in Madison, the U.S. and across the globe:


UW Student Job Center: The UW Student Job Center lists part-time, limited term employment (LTE) and summer job openings located at UW-Madison and off-campus in the private and public sectors.

External career search sites: There are hundreds of great external job listing sites available which highlight full-time and internship career opportunities and direct you to company websites to officially apply. You can search by industry, job function, location and more which makes it easy to find the perfect opportunity for you! One of Bucky’s personal favorites is because it offers a simple search field and yields a plethora of results. Check out BCC BizJobs and the Book of Lists to begin your search today! Make sure to cast a wide net yet keep your search criteria focused to yield the best results.

Networking: Nearly 80% of jobs are never officially posted, which means that networking with current employees at organizations of interest to you is extremely important to generating leads. Ask to conduct an informational interview or job shadow a person in the position to learn more about their work. Hopefully you will be able to establish some strong connections which may help you land the interview and the job of your dreams.

  • Alumni networking: How do you go about finding a contact that would be willing to help? Connect with our alumni! Admitted Wisconsin School of Business students may obtain access to the Wisconsin Business Alumni directory which hosts contact information for over 37,000 business alumni; visit the Alumni Relations office in 4359 Grainger Hall to register for an account. Also, take advantage of the Wisconsin Alumni Association Alumni Directory
  • Personal networking: Network with your friends, family members, professors, industry leaders and your campus peers to identify additional contacts. Keep in mind that each person you know is connected to at least 20 additional people, and one of these individuals may be looking to hire someone either today or three months from now. Remember, who you know counts!

Social media: While Facebook and Twitter are fun sites to use for personal networking, they can also be extremely advantageous to your job search!

  • Facebook: Most hiring organizations have Facebook pages which spotlight company information, recruiting team contacts, videos, discussions about important topics, photos and even job openings!
  • Twitter: Several hiring organizations tweet about upcoming events, news releases and application tips and tricks via Twitter.
  • LinkedIn: One of the best professional networking sites available, LinkedIn allows you to initially connect with friends, acquaintances, business professionals and alumni and build relationships with their connections! You can also find organizational profiles as well as job listings on this site.

Chambers of Commerce: If you know the location of your ideal job or internship, check out that city’s Chamber of Commerce website which highlights major employers in the area.

Newspapers and trade publications: Check employment and help-wanted ads in newspapers and trade publications. Make sure to tailor your response to the ad and follow application instructions provided.


Since networking is such an integral part of a successful internship or full-time career search, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Step One: Be Strategic

  • What are your goals for networking?
  • Who are you targeting?
  • Develop your timeline
  • Have your resume reviewed
Step Two: Develop Your List of Contacts
  • Identify who is already in your network and who you want to get to know
  • Prioritize your contacts into levels A, B and C
  • Create your contact management system in Excel to record all correspondence and follow-up actions
Step Three: Initiate Contact and Make the Connection
  • Draft emails of introduction to contacts
  • Research the contact’s employer, position, career path and more
  • Coordinate informational interviews
  • Follow up and follow through
Step Four: Keep your Network Alive

If you want to learn more about effective networking strategies, join Bucky on Tuesday for our networking  workshop!

Next week in Bucky’s Career Corner, we’ll discuss tips for success at your upcoming site interviews. Also, be sure to check out the BCC events coming up this week:

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