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News for the Student Lifestyle by Carly Miller

It’s interviewing season and business students are strolling the halls in their business professional best. It can be a stressful time as there are lots of items on Badger’s to do list: resume updates, midterms, information sessions, homework, interview story prep, and pre-interview research. In this post, I will share some of my tips for the final item on my list: keeping up with company and industry current events.

In business, we know that it pays to stay on top of economy and industry news. How many times have our professors and administrators told us to read the Wall Street Journal? In the BCC, we hear that employers rank UW students lower on awareness of current events than other schools they recruit from, so we definitely need some work in this area. We already know that staying informed is important, but do we know how to fit it into our lives?

For a while, I struggled to stay informed of current topics. While I by no means am an expert or am a perfect example, I want to share some tips that have helped me shine in interviews and connect course concepts to the real world.

1) Take advantage of services that aggregate and condense news for you. I like SmartBrief, which offers varying industry newsletter based on your interests. I currently subscribe to SmartBrief for Social Media and IAB SmartBrief. In the past, I have enjoyed their Leadership and Retail newsletters as well. When I can find time, I enjoy reading The Economist. My economics professor was a big supporter of this weekly newspaper magazine, but the point was driven home during my internship when almost every member of the Fortune 500 company’s executive leadership team suggested the interns subscribe. It’s a great snapshot of world events for the week presented in a fun, yet professional manner. Last spring, I saved on a subscription through Groupon, so look out for deals.

2) Narrow your focus. It is great for my fellow students that find time to read the entire Wall Street Journal, but I found it more realistic to focus on industries and companies I am interested in. For interviewing, I suggest subscribing to Google Alerts. You can choose to receive an email summary with links to news articles posted about companies as it happens, daily, or weekly.

3) Use Twitter and leverage your social networks. Twitter helps me stay up to date on the latest news in real time. For many students, this includes friends or celebrities, but I widened my net to include news sources and great re-tweeters. Here are some of my favorite accounts:

@Time @TheEconomist @mashable @HarvardBiz @WSJBusiness @FortuneMagazine

As I said earlier, I am by no means the expert on news sources, but hopefully this helps you find a new way to learn about the world and work current events into your everyday life.

Please comment below and tell us your favorite news sources or research tips!

Post by: Carly Miller, BBA 2012