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MarketWatch 10.16.11 by drobinson

This week in MarketWatch: General Motors is “up,” Wall Street is “down,” and Marketers are fighting a tidal wave of data.

General Motors has posted six consecutive profitable quarters, yet it’s not as profitable as it could be, mostly because engineering costs remain too high. Can a woman now in charge of designing and engineering vehicles worldwide bring discipline to product development? Read about how this electrical engineer and soccer mom plans to “Kick Butt.”

Social media are shifting the balance of power from organizations to their customers, and Chief Marketing Officers worldwide are struggling to make the most of the increasing volume, variety and velocity of unstructured, real-time data. Are companies prepared to make fundamental changes to traditional methods of brand and product marketing?

“The future is not going to be like a past we knew,” and an era of decline and disappointment for bankers may not end for years, according to interviews with Wall Street executives and investors. Read more: