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Wisconsin BBA Major Spotlight: Finance, Investment & Banking by Kelly Cuene

The Finance major focuses on teaching students about the integration of time, returns and risk, and how they are interrelated. There are two big questions that Finance addresses: “What do I invest in?” and “How do I pay for it?” 

Courses required for major: http://ww.bus.wisc.edu/undergrad/majors/finance.asp 

Possible Career Paths 

Commercial & Retail Banking

  • Build relationships with individuals (retail) and businesses (commercial); analyze credit to administer accounts, loans, mortgages, money management, treasury services, currency exchange and other financial services
Corporate Finance
  • Perform forecasts, projections and profit/loss models for long range corporate financial planning, potential acquisitions and asset sales; analyze competitor performance in market and assess internal product/service line performance
Investment Banking
  • Advise client companies on capital generating strategies including: business acquisitions, divestitures, mergers and public offerings
Investment Management
  • Private Wealth Mgmt: Provide brokerage/wealth management for high-net-worth clientele
  • Asset Mgmt: Analyze and manage corporate investments, mutual funds and pensions
  • Personal Finance: Manage investments, insurance and future planning for individuals/families
  • Analyze securities and publish recommendations for investment activities and strategies
Sales and Trading
  • Execute and manage exchanges in the securities, bonds, municipals, commodities, derivatives and foreign exchange markets; serve as liaison between buyers and sellers in the markets
Equity & Debt Capital Markets
  • Perform origination, structuring and syndication for transactions in secondary markets (IPOs, convertibles, private placements, etc.)
Finance Student Organizations   Business Student Testimonials

 “I chose finance because it presents a unique combination of mathematics and problem solving. Also, there are endless facets of finance to hold my interest as well as many opportunities to pursue a wide variety of future career paths. Within finance, there are many qualified and intelligent professionals who will help me further my education and reach my full potential.” 

Thomas Chadwick Finance, Investment & Banking, May 2011

 "Finance is the language of business decisions. Regardless of the function or area, businesses will always consider the numbers. I chose finance because I want to understand how any decision affects the bottom line."

Gregory Buckner Finance, Investment & Banking, December 2011

Want to learn more?

View the Finance Academic and Career Essentials PowerPoint presentation (pdf) or check out this Finance career options overview.

Finance Majors: Share with us in the comments section!

  • Why did you choose your major?
  • What interests you most about Finance?
  • What questions do you have about Finance?
This post is part of a series of myBiz posts highlighting the different business majors to help pre-business and business students learn about their academic and career options. Later this week we will spotlight the Accounting major. Stay tuned!