Friday, January 21, 2011 myBiz Blog
The Value of the BBA Experience- Improving it through the Wisconsin BBA Survey by Belle Lin

As students in the Wisconsin School of Business, many of us, if not all, remember the day we received our letters of acceptance. I remember my hands shaking as I clicked to open the email. Along with that anticipation though, came an immense pride at joining a community of bright, motivated students who will accomplish great things.

Now a second semester business student, nothing about that feeling has changed. Whether it’s joining a student org, visiting the BCC, or chatting with classmates in the library, the peers, advisors, and faculty I interact with on a daily basis help enrich my experience. Often times, the students who get the most out of their BBA experience at the Wisconsin School of Business are the ones who actively participate in improving it year after year.

Along with the creation of the Wisconsin BBA Student Government last year, the annual Wisconsin BBA Survey is a vehicle for us to directly affect our BBA experiences. It’s things like community, curriculum, professional development opportunities, and the admissions process we give feedback on. Faculty and administration value our thoughts- they take all of our feedback (positive, or negative) into consideration when planning for the upcoming year.

So, keep an eye out for an email detailing how to access the Wisconsin BBA Survey this February 21st. All of us who complete the survey automatically receive a 20% off coupon for the University Bookstore in addition to the opportunity to win a $25 Capital Café gift card. Take a little time out of the daily grind of classes this February to directly impact your BBA experience. You could win a week’s worth of lunch at the Capital Café!