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YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund Competition by Kelly Cuene

Would you like the chance to win a $25,000 scholarship after winning a $5,000 scholarship while simultaneously building your skills and resume? 

Then the YMA Fashion Scholarship Fund competition is for you!!! 

This year, five Retailing and Business students have the opportunity to participate in a case study and to compete for eighty $5,000 scholarships offered by the YMA out of New York.  Winners of the $5,000 scholarship are invited to NYC on January 11th to attend a banquet and to stay at the Waldorf Astoria (Tommy Hilfiger has been a guest at this event in the past).  

The Kohl’s Center for Retailing Excellence likes to put this competition in tandem with our trip to New York City in January, so if you win the scholarship, you are automatically invited as one of our 24 students to go to NYC from January 9th-13th.  

For the details, please email Angie Badura, Outreach Specialist for the Kohl’s Center for Retailing Excellence at as soon as possible as the outlines are due Monday, October 4th so we can begin selecting our participants. 

Please keep in mind that each participant:

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA
  • Must be a full time student
  • Ideally, would be a Sophomore or Junior (there is the potential to network for an internship, so Junior standing is preferred, but not required)
  • Must be available on October 8th from 1:30-4:00pm to meet with our YMA representative at the Pyle Center to go over the beginnings of their business plan and get feedback.
Since we are allowed to select 5 participants, we are asking everyone who is interested to submit a rough outline of their beginning thoughts and how their presentation is going to “stand out” by Monday, October 4th.  The project is a paper, but designers judge it after being laid out on a table.  How are they going to notice yours?  Tell us your initial outline and ideas in a 1 page paper and be prepared, if you are selected, that you will be talking out your ideas with a representative that sits on the judging panel (a GREAT advantage)!

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