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Make a Difference in the WSoB Community: Represent Your Class in the WBSC by sbarber

The Wisconsin Business Student Collaborative, the official student government of the Wisconsin School of Business, is currently seeking candidates to be class representatives for the 2010-11 school year.  There are eight representative positions (two per class) that will be open for election during late September.  We need two representatives from each class: prebusiness, sophomore, junior, and senior. Classes are based on credit standing, not years. Please see the attached constitution for further clarification.

The WBSC was founded in January of 2010 and is the body that was designed for students, by students, to represent student interests within the business school.  The leaders of this organization will be charged with continuing to improve the effectiveness and impact of the student voice in the school.  These positions offer great opportunities to make a lasting impact on the future of the entire School of Business.  Pre-business (students with a UAS academic advisor), business and certificate in business students are eligible to run for these positions, as well as vote for them.

Here is a rough position description of a class representative, but please be aware that this fledgling organization is continuing to grow and evolve, and these descriptions are only a rough outline of the responsibilities that each of these positions will have.

Elected Representatives

  1. Representatives are charged with speaking on behalf of their designated class in all decisions made by the WBSC.
  2. Representatives will be openly accessible to members (through 2 office hours per week) of their class who desire to express their concerns, questions, or other information to the WBSC and WSoB administration.
  3. Each elected representative shall be responsible for working with at least two of the three Vice Presidents, and shall help coordinate the efforts of these VPs.
All candidate declaration forms (see attached document below) must be completed and emailed to: by Friday, September 17th. Elections will be held from September 20th-24th.

Executive Application-Candidate Declaration Form


If you have questions about the elections or the WBSC in general, please email Thank you for your time, and On Wisconsin!