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A Proposed Wisconsin BBA Honor Code by Carly Miller

As a part of the current Wisconsin School of Business Community Initiative, a group of students have spent a year carefully crafting an honor code. Students can vote to adopt the code during the Wisconsin Business Student Collaborative class representative elections which will be sent out by email and open for voting Monday, September 20th through Friday, September 24th.

Wisconsin BBA Honor Code

My work is the product of my natural talents, the capitalization of scholarly aid, and the fair, collective efforts of myself and my peers.

My actions are professional. Professionalism is not simply a matter of what I wear or the language I use, but rather a demonstrated effort to be respectful, courteous, and conscientious at all times.

My duty is to represent the ideals of the Wisconsin School of Business and to hold others to those higher ideals shared within this school.

I endorse this statement out of respect for myself and others as a member of the Wisconsin School of Business community.


A Letter from the Honor Code Committee:

The Wisconsin School of Business has a reputation of excellence and a name worth protecting. This school becomes a part of our identity and provides us with the skills necessary to launch our careers. Next week, we ask the Undergraduate School of Business and Certificate in Business students to validate their ideals by approving the Wisconsin BBA Honor Code.

The Wisconsin BBA Honor Code aims to define the values of this student community and begins a discussion of what is important to us. We stress the student body’s involvement implementing this code because we believe this document is an outward proclamation of shared values by the students, for the students.

We recognized three aspects of honorable conduct – students’ academic work, actions, and duties. “My work” defines the expectation of students to learn and pursue academics with integrity by using the tools provided to all of us. “My actions” expands the definition of professionalism. We want students and recruiters to understand that professionalism is deeply rooted within the character of each student. “My duty” emphasizes that we must hold ourselves and other Wisconsin BBA students to the standards presented in this code. By working together we can achieve more than if we work alone.

Moving forward we must revisit and refine what this Honor Code means. Values evolve over time; so should this document.

We finished the code with an explicit statement of respect. Voting this code into effect now or voluntarily signing it in the future as an incoming student means each individual is a member of this community. Again, we are all a part of this school now. It will shape what we produce and who we are forever. We are the Wisconsin School of Business and this is what we stand for.


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