Tuesday, September 14, 2010 myBiz Blog
Ask the Expert Returns! by Kelly Cuene

Last semester, we introduced you to our Expert, Michelle, who works in human resources at a company that hires tons of college graduates each year.

Michelle dished out career advice from a recruiter's perspective, so students could learn what employers really think about job and internship candidates and how they approach the hiring process.

Back by popular demand, our Expert will once again provide important insights to help you in your full-time job or internship search!

To learn more about Michelle, check out her intro post.

Getting ready for the career fair on Wednesday? See what the Expert has to say about that here.

What questions have you always been wanting to ask an employer? Things you are dying to know about the hiring process?

Every wondered how employers evaluate candidates in an interview? What they think about thank you notes? What they expect during their Employer Information Sessions? Something else? Leave your questions in the comments section and our Expert will answer them in a future post.