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BBA Survey Results! by drobinson

Welcome back to campus! Last spring, we administered a survey to all of you asking for your feedback and overall satisfaction with the Wisconsin BBA Program and the resources/partnerships available to you. We appreciate the fact that many of you (31%) took the time to participate as your engagement and feedback are essential to this program’s future.

The purpose behind the survey was to identify areas of strength for the Wisconsin BBA program and also areas of opportunity.

The overwhelming majority of the feedback we received was  very positive, so we are glad to hear that you are mostly satisfied with the curricular, leadership and professional opportunities within the Wisconsin BBA. The survey also highlighted four key areas of opportunity (listed below) for the BBA program that we will be working on as we move forward.  If you wish to view a summary of the 2009-2010 survey results, please feel free to view them here.

  1. 1. Identity and culture of the Wisconsin BBA Program
  2. 2. Curriculum
  3. 3. Academic Integrity
  4. 4. Connections to UW alumni
As we begin the new academic year, we will be focusing on these opportunity areas and on ways to ensure that we are successful on all of these important fronts. As always, we encourage you to share any ideas and additional feedback you have to continue to move the Wisconsin BBA forward, either by leaving a response below or contacting an academic or career advisor.  If you have any questions about the survey itself, please contact Jamie Marsh or Duane Cooper in the Business Career Center, or Deedie Robinson in Undergraduate Academic Services.

Thank you for your commitment to excellence in the Wisconsin School of Business, and on behalf of the Wisconsin BBA Program, we wish you a very happy and productive fall semester!

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