Wednesday, August 25, 2010 myBiz Blog
Stay on top of business news using the Wall Street Journal! by Kelly Cuene

Keeping up to date on current business news is essential for any business student. The Wall Street Journal will provide you with the power to excel in class, impress potential employers in interviews, and help you succeed throughout your career.

Did you know students who read The Journal are 76% more likely to expect a GPA of 3.5 or better and are 140% more likely to be starting a full-time job when they graduate? About 91% of corporate executives think WSJ is essential reading for professionals and 80% said it helps them make better decisions.

Students can save on their subscriptions to the print, online and mobile editions. Fifteen weeks is only $29.95. Save 75%! Find out more here.

What a fellow student said about reading The Wall Street Journal:

“I initially believed that the Wall Street Journal was a newspaper meant only for finance professionals and finance majors. After reading The Wall Street Journal, I have come to realize that The Wall Street Journal can benefit all types of people and benefits students in all majors. It keeps you up to date on current events, helps you in job interviews, adds value to class materials, and is a great conversation starter. Much of the material I learn in class does not have much meaning behind it, because I have nothing to relate it to. After reading The Wall Street Journal, things from my economics class, marketing class, and management class made more sense. I recommend that all students who want to keep learning and advance in the business world read The Wall Street Journal. It is an excellent learning tool!”

-Wisconsin School of Business Marketing major, July 2010