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Living La Vita Italia by Katie Coon

Last month, Carly described how she decided to study abroad and gave some great tips on preparing for a study abroad experience.   Catch up with Carly to see what she's been up to in Italy!  (And don't forget; you can follow all of her travel excursions by reading her blog).The Wednesday after my Venice weekend, I took a bus up the mountain from Florence to the beautiful town of Fiesole. I left after my Shakespeare class with a friend to meet my villa roommates for lunch. We had amazing pizza  overlooking the city of Florence. Here I am in front of the view we had from our lunch table.

The views of Florence and the Tuscany countryside make this an absolutely charming city. The buildings are also interesting to see because many wealthy families from Florence had built amazing villas here.

After lunch, we went to the Musie di Fiesole and saw remnants of earlier Etruscan and Roman civilizations. The museum was fairly empty on a Wednesday afternoon, and I had fun dancing on a new stage in an ancient Roman theatre. One of my roommates caught me in the act:

Looking back, I realize that the carefree act of dancing across the stage fits with the more laid-back attitude I have been adopting. Italians definitely seem less stressed than Americans, and I have been trying to pick up some Italian cultural behavior.

In Italy, buses come when they come, without strict attention to the schedule. Stores have erratic schedules and seem to be randomly open or closed. Postcards wait months to be delivered. Entire cities go to sleep in the afternoon for a relaxing siesta, and people enjoy delicious wine and gelato throughout the day.  It can be an enjoyable atmosphere if you succumb to it, but was definitely difficult to accept when I first arrived.

I am glad that I have relaxed a little bit this summer, and hope that I can take a piece of the Italian spirit home with me.

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