Tuesday, July 27, 2010 myBiz Blog
Summer Internship Check-in: 5 Things to Do Now by Kelly Cuene

Summer is flying by and if you are currently working at an internship it is likely you have recently reached or are about to reach the half way point. It might be tempting to cruise along through the rest of August without giving it much thought, but there are some things you can do before the summer comes to an end to take full advantage of your intern experience.

1. Connect with co-workers and fellow interns on LinkedIn. It still surprises me when students come back from an internship and can’t remember the people with whom they worked or how to contact them. Talk about a lost opportunity.

At the very least, get business cards and/or save emails and phone numbers in a place you can easily access once you return to campus (note: your phone might not be the best place for this if you are prone to losing it). These people are new members of your network and you’ll want to nurture at least some of those relationships after you leave.

Bonus points if you can provide some LinkedIn recommendations to colleagues. Make sure these are people for whom you can honestly vouch for the quality of their work. It is typical to want to get recommendations as a young professional and soon-to-be full-time job seeker. Turn the tables by helping others (without expecting anything in return).

2. Request feedback from your supervisor and other colleagues, if you haven’t already. If you have received feedback, are you reflecting on it, both good and bad? Have you been making efforts to improve? Make sure you have saved a copy of any performance reviews or other written feedback for future reference. Your email account, saved documents, files, etc. will not be yours anymore after your internship so, like your contacts’ information above, make sure you keep this information in a place you can access once your internship ends.

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