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mySummer Experience on Campus Post #2 - Madison Marathon by Katie Coon

Follow Hans as he experiences his first summer in Madison in our weekly "mySummer Experience on Campus" series.  This week Hans recounts his first experience running a half marathon.

My first summer in Madison is off to a great start! Between work, class, studying, working out, and spending time with friends, time is flying by fast. While most Sunday mornings include sleeping in, reading the paper, sipping coffee and enjoying a leisurely morning with my roommates, this Sunday was rather unusual. This past Sunday, May 30th, I ran a half-marathon starting at 7:20 am.

6:30 AM: My alarm awoke me from deep sleep; greeted by a beautiful sunrise and temperatures in the mid-80’s. I dressed myself quickly, attached my race number to my shirt, and put my timing chip on my ankle bracelet. I then made the walk down State Street to the capitol, the starting location for this year’s race.

7:00 AM: Standing at the state capitol, I watched as the full-marathon runners took off on their whirlwind 26 mile adventure through the streets of Madison. Fueling myself with water and a banana, anticipation for the 7:20 half-marathon start grew quickly. I stretched, paced, and grew increasingly excited for the beginning of a long run. The familiar faces of friends made the wait more bearable, and the wait passed quickly.

7:20 AM: Following warnings to control your running pace and hydrate often due to the high heat and humidity levels, 4,599 runners and myself embarked on a 12.1 mile journey through the city of Madison.

7:20 AM - 9:33 AM: Boasting views of the state capitol, Camp Randall, the lakeshore bike path, Monona Terrace, and downtown Madison, the course proved to be varied and visually stimulating. While the sun’s heat proved an arduous obstacle to face as the race continued, beacons of solace were frequently found. The sight of refreshment stations was welcomed, along with the support of thousands of local residents and spectators along the course to cheer on those running. While some may belittle the impact spectators have on runners, the constant shouts of support and ringing of cowbells along the course proved to be just what I needed to make it through.

9:33 AM: After 2 hours and 11 minutes of steady running, with intermittent moments of walking for good measure, my first half-marathon experience came to a conclusion. After months of training - the sight of the state capital and hundreds of spectators near the finish line overwhelmed me with an indescribable feeling of personal accomplishment. Armed in hand with a medal, chocolate milk and 2 bottles of water, I made the walk home feeling personally fulfilled and proud of my accomplishment.

Have you ever ran a quarter, half, or whole marathon? Triathlon? How was your Memorial Day weekend? Do anything inspiring, exciting, or out of the ordinary recently? Comment below!

On Wisconsin!

H. Ahlstrom

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