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mySummer Experience on Campus Post #4 - Fun times at the library by Katie Coon

Everyone comes to appreciate the value of a great library at some point in their life, many during their long bonding sessions at one of UW-Madison’s more than forty libraries. Throughout the semester, campus favorites including Memorial, College, Wendt, Law, Steenbock and the Business Library all find themselves a loyal following of regular visitors. During final exam weeks though, these study hotspots quickly become swarmed with students looking to hunker-down for last minute studying. While some students find themselves visiting a variety of libraries and others seemingly avoid them at all cost, my favorite study spaces are found in College Library and the Business Library.

College Library, located next to the Memorial Union along Lake Mendota, is home to three floors of diverse study spaces and popular resources. The first floor offers students a quiet study room, an open lobby staffed with helpful librarians, and the popular Open Book Cafe for snacks, group studies, or a break from class. The second floor (in my finding, the most popular) houses a large computer lab with laptop checkout, a social atrium study area, and another quiet study room. While many students find comfort amongst the first two floors, my favorite place to study is the third floor silent study room. Here, every crunch of the carrot and keystroke on the computer can be heard, but easily distracted students like myself find solace in its silence. College’s appeal lies not only in its varied, large study spaces, but also in its lengthy hours of operation allowing students to work into the early morning hours.

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Very different in size and offerings, the Business Library located within the Wisconsin School of Business finds a loyal following amongst business majors and many others. Spread over two floors, the upper deck offers study rooms, quiet cubicles and tables. The first floor is home to bustling activity with computers, group study tables, and laptop checkout at the circulation desk. While far smaller, the Business Library is always busy with students stopping in between classes or to study late into the night. It might not be as big, but there’s nothing more convenient than popping in to print off an assignment, or to grab a book before office hours with a professor. With a high prevalence of business majors, you might even find someone that can help you find the error in your accounting homework.

With hopes your summer internships, classes, jobs, trips and personal endeavors bring you personal growth and immeasurable happiness!



Hans is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison double majoring in International Business and Spanish. Throughout the summer, Hans plans to write about his experience living, working and taking classes in Madison.

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