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Studying Abroad- Where do I go? by Katie Coon

Wisconsin School of Business student Carly Miller is getting ready to study abroad in Italy this summer.   Read on to learn more about Carly's process of deciding when and where to study.

Studying abroad is pitched as one of the ultimate college experiences. Every person I have talked to that has studied in a different country raves about their experience and how choosing to study abroad was one of the best decisions they ever made. For business students, we hear from employers that study abroad experiences improve your marketability. Some business schools, such as the Carlson School of Management, have even started requiring international experience requirements for all undergraduates.

By talking to friends, family, and faculty, I knew that I had to study abroad sometime in my college career, or I would regret it forever. When else in my life will I have the chance to live in another country for an extended period of time, or travel as cheaply with the broke college student standard of living?

After deciding I needed to study abroad, I had to decide where I wanted to go and what program to apply to. I started with a little soul searching to pin down what I hoped to get out of my study abroad experience. For me, I wanted to take a risk to go somewhere I have never been and where I don’t know anyone. Also, I wanted to fulfill my final liberal arts requirements abroad to make them more fun and to maintain the integrity of my business school classes and UW-Madison education. Since I am very involved on student orgs on campus, I realized that going abroad in the summer would fit my schedule the best.

I visited the Wisconsin School of Business International Programs website (http://ww.bus.wisc.edu/international/) and office and found some great programs. With the help of a peer advisor, I narrowed my choices down to two programs and saved them to review later. I also visited the general UW-Madison study abroad office (International Academic Programs-IAP) and website (http://www.studyabroad.wisc.edu/) since I was interested in fulfilling my liberal arts requirements that many of their programs offer. I selected three more programs from the many options available through IAP to add to my choices from the business school.

All five of the programs I selected were amazing, but I could only choose one. I researched all of them in depth and looked at things like cost, housing, classes, and how excited I was about each of them. I got input from my family and friends, but ultimately I had to go with my instinct.

I decided to study abroad in Florence, Italy and study early Renaissance art history and Shakespeare. I figure that the best place to learn about art is the actual birthplace of the Renaissance.

I hope to start my own detailed blog about my trip, but throughout the summer I will also write a few more myBiz posts with information specific to Wisconsin School of Business students. Is there anything you want to hear about? Leave a comment below and I can write a post just for you!

Also, feel free to add a comment about your study abroad experience or share any advice you have for others looking to study abroad.



Carly is a junior at the UW majoring in Marketing and Management & Human Resources. Check out her Italian adventures at http://ciaocarly.wordpress.com.

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