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Thankfully, Chicago has many Badgers by Katie Coon

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Going to a new city is never an easy task. The sights, sounds, and overall atmosphere are a formula for anxiety and stress. However, as I’ve learned over the past week, having friends while adapting to a new environment makes the adjustment quite easy.

Throughout my career at UW-Madison, I’ve heard alumni say that the power of being a Badger transcends into professional life once you eventually leave the land of Bascom Hill and The Terrace. I now see why people say this. Both in and out of work, I’ve found that I can connect with fellow Badgers, regardless of if I have had a past connection with them prior to coming to Chicago.

At Starcom MediaVest, the media planning agency that I am currently interning for within the SMG Search department, there are 37 interns for the summer. While the composition of interns stems from schools across the country, such as Big 10 (errr… Big 12? I still need to get on top of these changes) schools like Michigan or Ivy League schools like Harvard, Starcom MediaVest hired more interns from UW-Madison than any other school (8, to be exact).

Even though we are not best friends, working with the other UW-Madison interns continually reinforces the power of being a Badger. We all come from the same background- working hard while having fun on the side. This is nice because the environment of an advertising agency is high stress, yet there are times to socialize and meet others. I’ve already developed connections that I feel will continue once I’m back on campus. Ironically, the UW-Madison interns study in both the School of Business and the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (the two schools that I am currently in for both my major and my certificate), meaning that I will see these people in class during my last two semesters at UW-Madison.

Additionally, I’ve spent time with Badgers I frequently see on campus. Specifically, I have spent a lot of time with current members and alumni of Alpha Kappa Psi (AKPsi), a professional business fraternity within the Wisconsin School of Business. It’s great that these individuals are living Chicago. I always have someone to call if I need something to do. Also, I feel comfortable sharing concerns or issues that I am having in regards to adapting to a new city with these people.

The power and bond of UW-Madison students and alumni is a special phenomenon that doesn’t occur at all schools. Our shared experiences, whether in the classroom at Grainger High or singing varsity at Camp Randall during a football game, creates a dynamic bond that unites us all. You can say that I’m cheesy or the master of clichés, but after one week living in Chicago, I’m certain of one thing: I’m happy Chicago has many Badgers.

Zack is currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison studying strategic communications and reporting within the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. In addition to his studies at the SJMC, Zack is pursing a Certificate in Business from the Wisconsin School of Business.

Throughout the summer, Zack plans to write about his experiences interning at Starcom MediaVest, a global media planning firm.

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