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3 Tips for Graduating Seniors Looking for a Full-Time Job by Kelly Cuene

Graduating this May? Looking for a job? Be sure to consider the following resources to assist with your search:

1. Badger Job Bank As a job seeker, you should be checking BuckyNet on a regular basis, but have you been reviewing the positions posted in the Badger Job Bank? Search for "Badger Job Bank" in BuckyNet to see available positions nationwide. Graduating seniors will retain their BuckyNet accounts and are able to access job postings after graduation.

2. NACELink Network When you click on "Jobs" in BuckyNet you can click on "NACELink Network" to view available positions across the country. The NACELink network searches sites like and It's like several job search tools in one!

3. LinkedIn Love Facebook? Put your social networking skills to good use and check out LinkedIn - a networking site for professionals. Create a profile and then begin connecting with people you know. Search the Companies section to find professionals in your network that work at companies in which you are interested. Get advice from alumni by connecting via the business alumni group or the UW-Madison alumni group. Search the Jobs section for job postings. To learn more about LinkedIn, click here.

For more job search tips from the BCC, click here.

If you are graduating, be sure to report your post-graduation plans to the BCC! Fill out this form and email it to Kelly Cuene at All post-graduation plans are confidential.

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