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mySummer Experience on Campus - Post 1: Summer Courses by Katie Coon

See what UW-Madison has to offer during the summer from a current business student's point of view in our "mySummer Experience on Campus" series.  Check back each week as Hans recounts his summer experience.  First post: summer courses.

Most students anxiously await the last day of spring semester. A reprieve in which they are freed from the act of balancing time between classes, student organizations and jobs. Many dwindle through the long Wisconsin winters, dreaming of hot summer nights, afternoons at the beach, and reconnecting with friends. They might even have landed a fun summer job, or an internship in their desired career field. For many students though, spending the summer in Madison comes with continued classes; a.k.a. summer school.

This week I began the first of three classes that I will be taking over the course of this summer: GB 303 Business Statistics. The course, taught by Professor Patricia Mullins in the Wisconsin School of Business, is a rather unique offering. Taught in an online lecture format with in-person exams, it’s a great summer course as it offers flexibility around job schedules and other summer engagements. There’s no need to attend class at a set time each day, rather the online format allows students like myself to log on to the course website and learn whenever it’s convenient. Even more exciting about the online format, is its ability to give students instant feedback on quizzes and homework assignments submitted online. No more waiting for teachers to grade and wondering where your comprehension of course material stands.

UW - Madison offers over 1,000 different summer courses for credit, enabling students great opportunities. Students stay to take classes that are only offered during the summer, to continue to work towards their degree at a more rapid pace, or simply to take classes for pure enjoyment and fun. With more than sixty summer sessions of varying lengths, students often have the opportunity to fully devote themselves to one course at a time during the summer months. This makes taking a difficult or challenging course during the summer session very popular with students, and often leads to great educational gains.

While some out there might grimace at spending some of their summer in the library, the opportunity to take summer courses at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is always present. Going to class, studying at the Memorial Union Terrace and venturing to the Farmer’s Market for study breaks? Sounds good to me!

Have comments, questions, or ideas on expanding your knowledge through summer courses at UW-Madison? Comment below - I’d love to hear from you!  Check back next week as I recount my experience as a participant in the Madison Marathon.

Cheers to Summer!

H. Ahlstrom

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