Thursday, April 22, 2010 myBiz Blog
Take Classes That Could Change Your Life - Intro to Entrepreneurship by sbarber

Are you interested in one day starting your own business or organization?  How do organizations begin?  What are the risks the new organizations face?  Why do some organizations disappear, while others last?

Consider the following options available to non-business and business undergraduates:

MHR 422: Entrepreneurial Management This course is a challenging, instructive, and valuable class for all students who would like to learn more about entrepreneurship, regardless of their School. It is an introduction to entrepreneurship as a career and phenomena. The class covers topics such as opportunity evaluation, planning, organization, and financing, with a focus on new or small ventures as the mode of organization.  Read more...

MHR 434: Venture Creation You will learn the detailed process of creating, writing and evaluating a business plan for your own new venture idea. Read more...

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