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MarketWatch - 4/12/2010 by sbarber

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News this week:

Wall Street is Hiring

During the recession and financial crisis, Wall Street slashed their payrolls.  Now some banks are turning around.  JPMorgan Chase plans to add 1,000 bankers nationwide.  Bank of America has 3,600 job openings and has doubled its graduate and intern hiring this year.

New Fuel Standards for Automobiles

The government released new mileage standards for cars and light trucks.  By the 2016 model year, each manufacturer's vehicle fleet must get an average of 35.5 miles per gallon.  The current requirement is 27.5 miles per gallon.  The goverment says the standards will reduce automotive greenhouse gas emission by 21% by 2030.  It also estimates that the requirements will raise the price of a new vehicle by $985 but will save up to $4,000 in fuel costs over the life of the car.

3-D Displays Without the Glasses

Last week, Sharp Corporation, a Japanese company, unveiled new 3-D liquid crystal displays that "deliver bright, clear imager without the cumbersome glasses."  The technology has been in development since 2002.  Currently, the images can only be viewed on a 3-inch screen held a foot from the face.  For now, the displays will be used in mobile phones, cameras, and game devices, but could some day be used in tvs. 

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