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2010 BusinessWeek Undergraduate Rankings by sbarber

BusinessWeek on Thursday unveiled its fifth annual ranking of the nation’s undergraduate business schools. The Wisconsin School of Business undergraduate program ranks 42nd overall, 15th among public universities, and 5th in the Big Ten.

Last year, we ranked 40th overall, 14th among public universities, and 5th in the Big Ten. Wisconsin rated A+ for career placement.

BusinessWeek rankings are based on five separate sets of data:  a survey of graduating seniors on perceptions of internship opportunities, teaching quality, time spent studying, and more (30%); a survey of corporate recruiters about our graduates (20%); starting salaries (10%); the number of graduates who end up at top-ranked MBA programs (10%); and, academic quality as measured by ACT/SAT test scores, student-teacher ratios, and class size, among other things (30%).  A total of 139 schools participated in the 2010 ranking, with 28 eliminated for a low response rate on the student and recruiter survey portions.

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Based on internal measurements, here is where the program stands as compared to last year:

  • Student quality as measured by average ACT scores for business school admits is consistent year-over-year. The average ACT score is 28 among students who enrolled in the 2009-2010 academic year and 28 among students who enrolled in the 2008-2009 academic year.
  • Career placement three months after graduation was 65 percent for the class of 2009, down from 84.2 percent for 2008 graduates – an economic trend experienced across business schools. The average salary increased to $49,712 from $49,551 over the same period. Fifty-seven percent of 2009 graduates received a sign-on bonus, averaging $4,360.
  • Application numbers remain consistent year-over-year, while we have expanded the pool of candidates beyond the junior class. This fall, we welcomed our first sophomores to the undergraduate program. Next fall, we will be admitting 20 freshmen directly to the program.
We appreciate the significance of these rankings to our external stakeholders and we are comfortable with the fundamental quality of our program.

We remain steadfastly committed to improving the educational experience, career opportunities, and related aspects of our program that matter most to our students. In addition to positive changes made to our applicant pool, the undergraduate program is preparing for a survey that will track the satisfaction of sophomore, junior and senior admits.

We are making a number of fundamental improvements to the BBA with funding from the BBA tuition differential and the recently approved Madison Initiative for Undergraduates (MIU) to enable us to increase the size and quality of the faculty, expand access to business courses, increase the diversity of our student body, and the career readiness and global understanding of our graduates. Based on our tuition costs and median salaries, Wisconsin remains a great value in terms of return on investment.

Thanks to all of you for working so hard to provide a great student value and experience.

On, Wisconsin!


Michael M. Knetter Albert O. Nicholas Dean Wisconsin School of Business

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