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Big Ten Leadership Case Competition by aputterman

On March 13th, four of our very own students participated in the 3rd Annual Big Ten Leadership Case Competition.  Competing against six other teams from the Big Ten Conference, the winning team was...University of Wisconsin-Madison!  Congratulations to James Hynek, Gregory Dalrymple, Nathan Chivers, and Brianna Schwiden for a job well done!

During the competition, each team was given a case study and then had three hours to prepare a presentation as to how they would fix the problems in the company.  They were provided with a set of questions that needed to be followed.  They then presented to a panel of four judges with much professional experience.  After the judges formulated their solutions for the company, they scored each team based on the presence of similar solutions in their presentations.  After a day of competing aganist Purdue University, University of Michigan, Michigan State University, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University, and University of Iowa, Wisconsin took home the gold and was rewarded with $1000.  The second place team was University of Minnesota and Michigan State placed third in the competition.

Each visiting team was hosted by a Student Ambassador who was responsible for showing their team around campus and making sure that everyone was able to get the most out of their experience.  Thank you to Hans Ahlstrom, Mengdi Gu, Meredith Totsky, James DuMont, Josh Cornell, and Amanda Miller for volunteering their weekend to the competition.

The winning team of the Accenture Leadership Center Case Competition in the Fall was chosen to represented Wisconsin at the Big  Ten Case Competition.  For more information about getting involved in the Accenture Leadership  Case Competition, visit the ALC's website at or stop in at 3270 Grainger.

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