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Teach English as a Second Language by sbarber

Check out the opportunity to spend a year in Korea as an assistant English language teacher.

The ESL Program has cooperated with the Gyeonggi-do Provincial Office of Education for several years, and more than 200 UW graduates have taken advantage of this great opportunity.

Information Session Sunday, March 21 2:15-4:00 p.m. 7191 HC White It's OK to drop in for a short time.  Two returnees from Korea will answer questions about their experiences

Your job would be to work with a co-teacher in a public elementary, middle or high school in Gyeonggi Province in Korea, and to make English come alive for the students.  It's challenging and rewarding in many ways.

Some practical matters:

  • Departure will be late August or early September.  Korea has not yet decided the precise date.
  • You will be assigned to a school though you can request an urban or rural setting.
  • You pay your own air ticket and are reimbursed shortly after arrival.
  • A free furnished apartment is provided for you, along with a small stipend for set-up purchases.
  • The salary is generous and health coverage is good.  You are not liable for Korean or US taxes, so with free rent and no taxes, your take-home pay is great.
  • Korea is a warm and friendly country with a passion for English.
You can email for information as well..  Further details are provided in the package.  You can also look on the twitter page of go global at for more information, or check out the web site at  Look under  “Teach in Korea“.

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