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Cool Tool: Google Reader by Kelly Cuene

Overwhelmed by all the information available online, all the time? Visit an interesting site and then forget about later, when you need it? Are your browser bookmarks a disorganized mess?

If any of those questions apply to you, check out Google Reader. With it, you can subscribe to your favorite websites and access all the information you want in one place. There are other applications besides Google that do this, often lumped together under terms such as, "feed readers", "aggregators", "news readers" or "rss readers".

Google Reader, and other applications like it, means no more checking multiple sites to catch up on the day's news, your friend's blog, or even content located right here on myBiz.

If you have a Gmail account, you have a Google Reader account. Here's what the page looks like:

On your favorite websites, look for the icon indicating there is a feed you can add to your reader. It often looks like this:  

(For more on feeds, check out this link)

Or, you may see a button that specifically says "Google" or indicates several ways for users to synchronize the content :






Clicking on these symbols or other text that says "Subscribe in a reader" will sync website content to your Google Reader page, allowing you to view all the headlines and updates at once. The reader will indicate which items are new so you never miss a thing. It also allows you to star your favorites and to share content with your contacts.

Check out the feeds on the myBiz page to help you get started! You can have all the myBiz content published in your Google Reader page by clicking on the orange symbol at the top, near the words "myBiz" or you can subscribe to the content that is more relevant to you by clicking on the feed icons next to the different Undergraduate Business Program offices, listed on the right.

You can read more about Google Reader here.

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