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Student Faculty Board Business Award of Excellence Winner Is... by sbarber

After students voted, the Student Faculty Board Business Award of Excellence for Fall 2010 is awarded to Lindsey Honeyager!! Lindsey Honeyager is the director of building and conference services for Grainger Hall. Here's what some of the student nominations said about Lindsey...

--Lindsey Honeyager, Director of Building and Conference Services, always strives for excellence and continually goes above and beyond in her role. She regularly puts in extra hours and immeasurable thought to ensure events held in the Wisconsin School of Business are a huge success. As a current student employee with Conference Services, I can attest to her unparalleled work ethic, professionalism, and managerial skill. She truly values and respects all of her student and professional staff, and manages each to further their professional growth.

--Lindsey Honeyager is the Director of Building & Conference Services for the School of Business. I have worked under Lindsey for over 2 years now and her determination and motivation as a manager is extremely amazing. She currently has 14 student employees which is not an easy task. The amount of events that Lindsey coordinates within the building is a lot and I believe her work at times goes unrecognized. Lindsey deserves the Wisconsin School of Business Excellence Award because she is constantly making sure the building is looking very clean and that all events are well set up in advance. The amount of hours that Lindsey works is unbelievable she will stay till 10PM if she has to in order to ensure that the event was a success.

--Lindsey makes so much happen at the SoB. She is constantly making sure that events go off without a hitch and makes sure that everything scheduled is up to par. Conference Services does a lot more to involve the students with the SoB and is a key factor in the interaction between many different departments. Students always say that there is so much life in Grainger and that is because of Lindsey's continuous efforts.

--Lindsey does so much for the Wisconsin School of Business, and most of it is behind the scenes. She keeps events running smoothly to maintain the esteemed reputation of the institution. Lindsey deserves recognition for all that she does. Those of us that work with her consider her to be an excellent co-worker, mentor, and friend.

--As an employee of Conference Services, I see first-hand how important the events that occur in Grainger are both to the Business school and the student body. There are hundreds of events every week, ranging from student organization meetings all the way to MBA programs and elite guest speakers. Come Homecoming, Grainger is completely transformed to accomodate hundreds of esteemed alumni. Every single one of these events is crucial to how the Wisconsin School of Business is perceived by students on campus, alumni and outside organizations. The prestige of this institution would not thrive without the successes of Conferences Services. Lindsey Honeyager is single-handedly responsible for organizing every single one of these events and ensuring that our small staff makes everything run smoothly. I could not have hoped for a better boss who understands the constraints on student-employees, as well as finds ways to motivate and encourage us. She is a crucial member of the School of Business that seems to consistently go unnoticed.

Congratulations Lindsey!  and Thank you for making the Wisconsin School of Business great!