Friday, November 12, 2010 myBiz Blog
Marketwatch 11.14.10 by Tena Madison

The Rise of Android According to Gartner’s Q3 report for the 3rd quarter of 2010, Google’s Android operating system is flooding the market. Compared to last year’s 3.5% of the smartphone market, this year Android phones garnered almost a quarter with 22.5% in the third quarter. That’s 20.5 million device featuring the OS representing a whopping 1,440% increase.

Motorola and HTC, makers of smart phones using the Android, are experiencing increased market share as well as unit sales making them the top selling Android devices. Recently two of Motorola’s major competitors, Apple and Microsoft, have brought suit against Motorola for patent infringements. Apple’s suit is for multi-touch smart phones and Microsoft with nine patents including how the phones handle the sending of email and calendars. Some are speculating that these suits are in response to the sweeping success of the Android devices. Sources: Boy Genius Report,, Gartner

Google Gearing Up for 4Q: Maximizing the Talent On November 9th 23,000+ Google employees got a message from their CEO, Eric Schmidt, indicating they were to get a 10% raise for 2011 and a $1,000 holiday bonus. With Facebook and Twitter also on the prowl for good talent Google is vesting in retention. Apparently there is a war for talent in Silicon Valley. Obviously this means these companies are looking at a very good fourth quarter. Sources: MarketWatch: Digits,

Videogame Industry Experiencing Investor Growing Pains Even with the recent release (and record breaking success) of Call of Duty: Black Ops the age of the $50-plus game and expected returns is changing. Just like Napster and iTunes affected CD sales and online news curbs print sales the advent of popular smartphone games and massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), eg: Angry Birds and Farmville respectively, are forcing investors to rethink their business models. Sources: MarketWatch: Digits, InformationWeek