Friday, October 8, 2010 myBiz Blog
Our Administration Reaches Out to Students by Carly Miller

Last week I decided to become part of the discussion about our Business School rankings. I attended the final Wisconsin BBA Town Hall meeting in the Plenary Room (aka the awesome fireplace room near the main entrance). There was a good turnout with a comfortably sized group for discussion, made up of perhaps 20-30 students, staff, and faculty.

I really felt that the administration was interested in what students had to say.

I think we had a great discussion about what the school should be doing. Dean Kavajecz explained that our Business School rankings have been falling over the past years, and he opened up discussion about whether we should care about rankings and how much. Also, if we do care about rankings, what are some solutions and how far are we willing to go to improve them?

It seemed that many people at the meeting felt that the rankings should at least be a consideration, and we talked about why our rankings might be falling. Apparently, many graduating seniors rate the Wisconsin School of Business poorer than we hope. Instead of expressing concerns while they are still students, they take the opportunity to point out flaws when it counts toward our rankings.

Personally, I love the Wisconsin School of Business and truly value my experience here. However, there is always room for improvement and we discussed some options at the Town Hall meeting. There is an option to make the school more exclusive by drastically decreasing the number of students admitted each year. There was also a discussion about trying to improve our Wisconsin BBA community, an idea that has been circulating recently and something I am personally passionate about.

Besides the actual discussion topic, I thought it was great gesture to hold these Town Hall meetings. It shows that our Wisconsin BBA leadership truly values our input as students and wants to involve us in the conversation.

So, what do YOU think? Are rankings important? What can we do to improve our program? Do you appreciate that the administration wants our input?

Speak up! We’re all listening...