Thursday, October 28, 2010 myBiz Blog
New International Business 365 course to be taught by visiting professor by Katie Coon

Attention students:  as you're choosing courses for the spring semester, consider International Business 365: ECONOMIC ENVIRONMENT AND POLICY IN INDIA: Emerging Issues and Challenges in a Comparative Perspective.

The objective of this course is to enable participants to understand the prevailing economic environment and policy challenges in India. In the process, the course hopes to develop the capacity to assess various policy options in emerging economies.  In the context of the debate on the role of state and markets in developing economies, concepts of regulation and development experience of late industrializing East Asian economies, the course will:

  • Review economic reforms undertaken in India since 1991;
  • Discuss changes in the economy in response to these reforms;
  • Analyze emerging policy options in the context of the ongoing globalizing processes; and
  • Explore the unfinished policy agenda.
Senior standing is required

CATEGORIES: Business Students