Thursday, October 28, 2010 myBiz Blog
Are you passionate about marketing and advertising? Join the Altruistic Advertising Club by Katie Coon

The Altruistic Advertising Club is a student-run organization designed to  thoroughly investigate marketing and advertising strategies being employed by major  businesses and the ethical implications of those strategies. This club will tackle issues such as business ethics (in regards to marketing and advertising) and advertising's effect on society as a whole.

The club will try to answer crucial questions such as: what, if anything, is unethical about advertising? Is “ethical advertising” objective or subjective? If certain methods of advertising are indeed unethical, should they be permitted? After finding  sufficient answers to some of these questions, the org will try to think of different ways in which companies could advertise using more ethically sound methods while still fulfilling the company’s objective of capturing a large audience and increasing sales. The group will finish off the semester by researching the positive and negative effects advertising has on society as a whole.

The club meets every other Tuesday from 5:30-7:00 in room 346 of Birge Hall. The next meeting will be Tuesday November 2; there have only been two meetings so far this semester so it is not too late too join!

Contact Zac Miller for more information at or find the org on Facebook (Group name: The Altruistic Advertising Club)!