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Ask the Expert: Meet Michelle by Kelly Cuene

The University of Wisconsin at Madison.  At age 17, I was forced upon threat of grounding to apply to one other school besides UW.  It honestly never occurred to me that I might not get in… you see, I bleed red and white.  I was born to be a Badger.     

I was a college student not too long ago (graduated in ‘05) and I fell into the bucket of “I love college life, I don’t want to leave, and I refuse to think about life after UW.”  My ultimate goal in life had been to graduate from Madison – so what happens after that’s done?  What’s next?  

Well – “life” is what’s next.  And you know what funds “life”?  A job. 

Welcome to my Ask the Expert Q&A blog!  You can ask questions about anything, particularly job search or career-related questions.  I will give you straight-to-the-point answers, offer tips and tricks of the trade, and maybe dredge up some funny stories along the way.  

Why listen to me?  Because I have a job.  And it’s in Human Resources.  For a local company that hires tons of new college grads.  I can provide the inside scoop of not only how to conduct your job search, but why certain things are important, and that yes, it really does matter.  And if I don’t have the answer, I have a network of other professionals who can tackle your burning question. 

But this is a two-way street.  I need you to ask questions.  Be creative – what is it you really want to know?  Should you bring your mom on an interview?  Are all of your friends getting interviews and you can’t figure out why you’re not?  Are you contemplating purchasing a neon green business suit so you stand out? 

(Answers:  No – but it happens.  Everyone’s different, but your advisor can probably help.  Definitely not – you’ll turn into a funny story, not a memorable candidate.) 

Leave your question in the Comment section below and let’s get this ball rolling.  The old adage is true – if you have a question about something, chances are 10 others are pondering the same thing.  Is anyone out there prepping for the career fair on February 4?  Wondering what to wear or how much hand sanitizer to pack?  Employer Information Sessions are kicking off – should you wear leggings and Uggs?  Information Sessions are precursors for campus interviews – what questions should you focus on? 

Be sure to check back often, especially during peak recruiting season (February – March), and spread the word to your friends that there’s an awesome new resource on MyBiz – and the name is Ask the Expert. 

Here’s to a great semester!

Michelle K.

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