Transfer students have two options for admission to the BBA program at the Wisconsin School of Business: Direct Transfer Admission and Non-Direct Transfer Admission.  Review the Wisconsin BBA Transfer Flowchart for a better understanding of which route you may be eligible for and a snapshot of the transfer process.

Transfer students who wish to apply to the Wisconsin BBA must apply by the time they accumulate 100 credits. The current courseload in the spring term in which the student applies will not be counted toward the 100 credits. If a student attempts to apply with more than 100 credits, the application system will not allow your application.

Direct Transfer Admission

Students from another UW System school (both two- and four-year) or one of the Wisconsin Technical Colleges are eligible for direct admission to the Wisconsin School of Business in the same fall term they begin their studies at UW-Madison. For consideration, these students must be admitted to the University of Wisconsin-Madison through the Office of Recruitment and Admissions and have completed the four pre-business courses by the end of the spring semester in which they apply. The student will then complete the online Wisconsin BBA application during the spring semester (end of March deadline).  Direct transfer students who are offered admission to the BBA program will begin in the Wisconsin School of Business that fall semester.  Applicants not accepted to UW-Madison are not eligible for business school admission. 

Non-Direct Transfer Admission

Students transferring from a private college or university in Wisconsin or outside the state must complete a minimum of 12 credits IN RESIDENCE at UW-Madison, as well as the four pre-business courses by the end of the spring semester in which they apply. In addition, students applying under this status will need to have achieved a total of 24 credits (including credits from UW-Madison and previous institution) to be considered eligible. A non-direct transfer student can take the 12 in residence credits in the same semester they are applying to the School of Business (spring semester).

Transfer Credit Equivalency Systems

The following websites have been developed to assist with the transfer credit process. These resources will allow you to gain a better understanding of how certain classes and courses transfer into the UW-Madison credit system.  Review the BBA curriculum and degree requirements, which includes a section outlining the pre-business courses for admission to the BBA program, and UW-Madison's transfer credit policies to understand how transfer courses are typically evaluated.  Please also reference the U-Select system for in-depth credit transfer information to UW-Madison.

The UW-Madison Office of Admissions determines official course equivalencies for transfer students. Transfer credit evaluations will be available to transfer students who are admitted to UW-Madison and who confirm their intent to enroll to campus.  

Transfer Information System (TIS)

The Transfer Information System (TIS) is the in-state credit transfer service that allows students to research transfer credits from the UW-System and Wisconsin Technical College System. 

Transfer Equivalency Database (TED)

The Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) is the out of state transfer credit system that allows students to research transfer credits from select schools and colleges outside the state of Wisconsin.