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A specialization in supply chain management is available to all undergraduate students enrolled in the Wisconsin School of Business and may be added to any current business major. The specialization is housed in and coordinated by the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management. Students learn to think about the supply chain in an integrated business framework both in and out of the classroom from our faculty and applied learning program.

Each semester, the Center offers an informational workshop, From A to Z: Careers in Supply Chain Management, to help interested students learn about the specialization, understand potential career opportunities in the field, and network with current students, alumni, and corporate partners. This workshop counts towards the Compass Program requirements for students who have not attended this workshop in previous semesters. Information about future A to Z events will be posted to the myBiz blog.

For questions or additional information about the specialization in supply chain management, please visit the Grainger Center (3450 Grainger Hall) or call 608-262-0710.

For students entering the School of Business in Fall 2014 or later, the supply chain management specialization may be fulfilled by completing the following six required courses:

MKT/OTM 421: Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management
This is the foundational course in the specialization curriculum and it is recommended that students take this course first.
MKT/OTM 422: Logistics Management
MKT 423: Procurement and Supply Chain Management
MKT 425: Marketing Channels
MKT 427: Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management

Choose ONE from the following three options:
OTM 351: Principles and Techniques of Quality Management
OTM 451: Service Operations Management
OTM 654: Production Planning and Control

In addition to the required course work, all specialization students are required to attend at least two applied learning events each semester. A calendar of all events will be provided to students at the beginning of each semester.

Specialization students are also required to report their internship and full-time offers to the Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management by completing these forms:

Internship Reporting Form
Full-Time Placement Reporting Form

Completed forms should be dropped off in person to 3450 Grainger Hall.

Robert Batt
Assistant Professor
BA, MBA, Ph.D.

Verda Blythe
Faculty Associate

Steve Boeder
Faculty Associate
Director of the Erdman Center for Operations and Technology Management

Noah Lim
BA, MS, Ph.D.

Paola Mallucci
Assistant Professor
MBA, MS, Ph.D.

Timothy McClurg
Senior Lecturer
BS, MBA, Ph.D.

John McKeller
Senior Lecturer

Jordan Tong
Assistant Professor
BA, Ph.D.

Students enrolled in the supply chain management specialization consistently have access to excellent internship opportunities and earn some of the highest salaries at the Wisconsin School of Business. The average full-time salary for members of the graduating class of 2014 with a supply chain management specialization was approximately $53,000, while the average monthly internship salary was $2,800.

Some of the companies that recruit students with a specialization in supply chain management include (but are not limited to):

Best Buy
BP Americas
Cisco Systems
Kohl’s Department Stores
Mayo Clinic
Procter & Gamble
Target Corporation
Walgreen’s Corporate

Students interested in pursuing the supply chain management specialization must complete an application, including a resume review by the BBA Advising Center.

Application for students in the School of Business who were admitted before Fall 2016 can be found here.

Application for students in the School of Business who were admitted Fall 2016 or after can be found here.

Once the application is complete, including the resume review, students should stop by the Grainger Center (3450 Grainger Hall) or call 608-262-0710 to schedule an appointment to enroll.