Information Technology Solutions (ITS) offers a diverse range of technology support for the Wisconsin School of Business. Based upon a wide range of expertise, the ITS team supports instructional programs, research programs, and administrative computing needs.

Requesting Computer Service 


  • Faculty research databases
  • Qualtrics Survey Software
  • Log into your Qualtrics account
  • Create a new Qualtrics account
    NOTE: You must use your University of Wisconsin-Madison email account ending in or your Wisconsin School of Business email account ending in A valid email address at UW-Madison or the Wisconsin School of Business informs the system at Qualtrics that you are authorized to create an account.
  • Request to delete a Survey
    NOTE: Retrieving surveys and the response data after it has been deleted is a task that must be done by Qualtrics Software Technical Support. To minimize survey deletion errors, the delete survey function has been made an administrative task.
  • Technical Support from Qualtrics: The Qualtrics website offers an extensive set of online resources called Qualtrics Survey University. Phone support is available at 1-800-340-9194. For email support, contact
    • Video tutorials walk you through creating, distributing, and editing surveys, as well as viewing the results and importing the results into SPSS.
    • Research articles address a broad range of topics, including survey design, data analysis, and developing different types of surveys for a number of different topics such as satisfaction, customer retention, whistleblower, or training evaluation.
    • An extensive library of surveys by topic area, \par question, and graphics enable you to copy whole surveys or parts of \par surveys and adapt them to your own uses.