François Ortalo-Magné
Albert O. Nicholas Dean

As the strategic leader of the Wisconsin School of Business, the dean serves as the school representative to the university, alumni, partners, and external constituencies.

4339 Grainger Hall | 608-262-7867 |
Kaylene Christnovich
Associate Dean of External Relations

Responsible for managing all aspects of advancement and external relations including corporate relations, alumni relations, and development.

4357 Grainger Hall | 608-262-3828 |
Renee Clodfelter
Assistant Dean of Human Resources

Leads human resources office. Responsible as the appointing authority for hiring of faculty and staff, compensation and classification, and payroll, as well as labor relations in the school.

5252A Grainger Hall | 608-265-5075 |

Russ Coff
Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research

Leads the school's research activities and Ph.D. programs including the development of strategy and policies, supervising the implementation of these issues, and allocating resources.

4259 Grainger Hall | 608-263-6437 |
Suzanne Dove
Special Assistant to the Dean

Leads the school’s educational innovation initiatives through her work with school leadership including deans, chairs, departments, directors, programs, faculty, and staff.

4327 Grainger Hall | 608-265-4843 |
Steve King
President of CASB and Director of Executive Education

Executive director of professional and executive development in the school. Responsible for all aspects of leading our executive education program.

300 Fluno Center | 608-441-7300 |
Meloney Linder
Associate Dean of Communications, Facilities, and Technology

Responsible for oversight of the school's brand and infrastructure and leading the Integrated Marketing Communications, Information Technology Services, Academic Technology and Web, and Building and Conference Services units within the school.

4333 Grainger Hall | 608-890-2496 |
Elizabeth Odders-White
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Programs

Chief academic officer of the school. Oversees all academic departments and all full-time and part-time programs.

4329 Grainger Hall | 608-263-1254 |
Meredith Temple
Chief of Staff

Manages the flow of issues relevant to the dean requiring response or anticipatory preparations.

4336 Grainger Hall | 608-892-8082 |
Nicole Truog
Assistant Dean of Knowledge Centers

Responsible for leadership of Knowledge Centers and Relationship Management. Represents the WSB's strategy to the Knowledge Centers, leads Knowledge Center representation to the Dean, and sets strategy to create a community of Knowledge Centers that strengthens and advances the WSB.

3519 Grainger Hall | 608-262-0975 |
Jim Walker
Associate Dean of Financial Management

Leads the finance, accounting, and business services area to enhance the financial strategies of the school through strong partnership and delivery of services.

2130 Grainger Hall | 608-262-4700 |