Office of the Dean:

François Ortalo-Magné | Albert O. Nicholas Dean

Kaylene Christnovich | Chief of Staff

Suzanne Dove | Special Assistant to the Dean

Binnu Palta Hill | Director of Diversity

Jason Jankoski | Assistant Dean of Human Resources

Steve King | President of CASB and Director of Executive Education

Meloney Linder | Chief Communications Officer

Jamie Marsh-Finco | Director of Corporate Relations

Jim Walker | Assistant Dean of Financial Management

Program Leadership:

Larry “Chip” Hunter | Senior Associate Dean and Associate Dean of Full-Time MBA Programs

Russ Coff | Associate Dean of Research

Donald Hausch | Associate Dean of Evening and Executive MBA Programs

Philip Miller | Assistant Dean of Research Programs and Support

Julie Ngo | Director of Academic Affairs and Summer School

Joann Peck | Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs

Leslie Petty | Assistant Dean of Evening and Executive MBA Programs

Blair Sanford | Assistant Dean of Full-Time MBA and Director of MBA Career Management

Steve Schroeder | Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Programs and Director of Undergraduate Career Services