Building Services

Building Services Contact Information

Office Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:45 am – 4:30 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Closed

Authorized users may enter the building after building hours with a Wiscard and a PIN number (request your code with the access request form below). You must have a Wiscard issued after July 2008. How to get a new Wiscard. Please wait at least one day after obtaining a new Wiscard to request access. 

To request building access, please use the Building Access Request Form.

Wisconsin School of Business Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students are able to enter at the parking elevator vestibules and the main entrance to Grainger Hall at Park St. and University Ave. upon request.

Undergraduate Students are able to enter the Huber Undergraduate Computer Lab entrance on University Ave. for access to the Lab and the Business Library after building hours upon request.

Procedure for Using your access card with the PIN verification
Present your access card at the reader.
The Reader should BEEP.
Enter your four digit PIN followed by the # sign (Lower right).
The door should unlock.

Lockers in Grainger Hall
If you are interested in using a locker in Grainger Hall, please fill out the online form.

Lost and Found
The Lost and Found is located at the Information Desk, which is on the first floor of the East Wing.

Posted Signs in Grainger Hall

Signs must be approved by the building manager before posting in Grainger Hall.  Please contact Cheryl Schroud for approval. 

Please refrain from using tape or other adhesives on the walls in Grainger Hall. Thank you.

Facility Requests

To submit a request for phone lines, remodels, new furniture, or repairs, please fill out a Building Service Request

Lead Times

Phone Lines: 2-3 weeks

Furniture Orders: 6-8 weeks minimum

*Once the furniture order is processed, the lead time for furniture can be 2-8 weeks

Furniture Repair: 3-4 weeks minimum

*Replacement parts must be ordered and the installation must be arranged

Minor Office Remodels: 2-3 months

Major Office Remodels: 4-6 months

Physical Plant Work: 2-3 weeks minimum

Building Services Work: 1-2 weeks

Building Access Requests: 2-3 work days