Laurie BensonFormer Co-FounderInacom

Laurie approaches her work and her life by helping individuals and organizations realize their full potential. As a consulting associate and former executive, her focus is helping executives and business owners through executive coaching and board service.

Laurie's 35 year career includes her role as a nurse, Xerox sales and sales management, and co-founder of Inacom Information Systems (now CORE BTS), where she served as CEO for 25 years until the time of sale in 2009.

Laurie brings strategic listening, insight, and focus both to one-on-one discussions with CEOs and other executives and also in the boardroom. Her expertise includes leadership, strategic planning, organizational culture and values, sustainable growth strategies, business development, sales, marketing, succession planning, and discovering the opportunity side of every challenge. Laurie combines a pragmatic, results oriented approach with empathy and awareness of the implications for everyone involved. She leverages existing strengths to maximize results and positive impact.

Laurie’s philosophy is centered on the Golden Rule, living our core values, enabling others to realize their potential, and giving back to our communities.